Marleen Herbs of Tasmania is dedicated to deliver extracts of the absolute highest quality. This we achieve through:

- A clean and suited soil: Amounts of heavy metals and residues of the most prevailing pesticides and radio-activity are well below the levels for organic agriculture. The soil-type is a light calcareous clay. This type of soil is pre-eminently suited for growing a wide range of medicinal plants.

 - An optimal climate: The maritime climate of Tasmania has neither late nightfrosts in spring nor early nightfrosts in autumn. In addition, the number of sunny days is higher than in other parts of the the state. Many mediterranean plants can be grown succcessfully.

 - A clean and adapted way of producing: The organic cultivation excludes any possible pesticide pollution. Nitrogen is provided through the rotational cropping of alfalfa and clover. The resulting moderate level of nitrogen results in the harvest of sturdy, suitably sized plants, rich in active ingredients. A yield of a high amount of kg's, is not our aim; essential is the amount of (active) ingredients.

- The quality system: The cultivation as well as the processing, have full organic certification and proceed according to the HACCP and GMP quality assurance system. In addition, we are GMP+ certified for the production of animal feed-additives and pre-mixes (PDV104560).