Marleen Herbs of Tasmania (previously known as 'Marleen Kruiden') has relocated from the Netherlands to Tasmania in 2011. 

We cultivate and process organic medicinal plants and produce fresh plant extracts, such as tinctures, essences and pressing-juices. 

Our main customers are phyto-therapeutic companies using certified organic herbal material. 

With this website we would like to provide information about our company and the methods of cultivating and processing medicinal plants. 


August 16, 2018

The almond trees are full in flower - they are always one of the first ones to become active in spring time. 

Marleen Herbs of Tasmania

Organic medicinal herbs and extracts​

Winter 2018

Planting lots of native shelterbelts on the property.  This is necessary to give crops protection against cold winds. And of course to increase biodiversity on the farm.