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issue date of this list

20 nov 2013 

Nuts and Fruit crops     

org certification

aco and nop/usda  certified ACO 11450A


Most fruit and nut trees are still very young. In bold is indicated which fruits will be available this season.


fruits and nuts in bulk


Please inquire by email/tel.  


We deliver in Australia, using cooled transport.


    NAME                LATIN NAME

 -------------------- -------------------------

 almond tree          PRUNUS DULSIS, AMYGDALUS

 appleberry/dumplings BILLARDIORA SCANDENS

 Bilberry             VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS

 blue berry           VACCINIUM CORYBOSUM

 climbing saltbush    EINARDIA NUTANS

 cowberry             VACCINIUM VITIS-IDAEA

 crab apple           MALUS SYLVESTRIS

 cranberry            VACCINIUM MACROCARPON

 creeping strawberry  MICROCACHRYS TETRAGONA


 dogrose              ROSA CANINA

 gojiberry            LYCIUM BARBARUM

 grapevine            VITIS SPEC.

 hazel                CORYLLUS AVELLANA

 kangerooapple        SOLANUM LACINIATUM

 mountain blue berry  BILLARDIERA LONGIFLORA

 mountain currant     COPROSMA NITIDA

 mulberry             MORUS NIGRA

 native currant       COPROSMA QUADRIFIDA

 native elder         SAMBUCUS GAUDICHAUDIANA

 native pepper        TASMANNIA LANCEOLATA

 pine heath           ASTROLOMA PINIFOLIUM

 pomegranate          PUNICA GRANATUM

 shortstem flaxlily   DIANELLA BREVICAULIS

 spreading flaxlily   DIANELLA REVOLUTA

 tasman flax lily     DIANELLA TASMANICA

 walnut               JUGLANS REGIA

nuttrees and fruittrees 20nov13

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