Marleen Herbs of Tasmania
Organic medicinal herbs and extracts


Electric harvester - Oct. 2015

Harvesting feverfew with our electric harvester.

Gemmos - Spring 2015

This spring we have started with the production of  'Gemmos' which are used in Gemmotherapy. Gemmos are medicinal extracts made using only the (young)growing vegetal tissues such as young shoots and buds.
About gemmotherapy: buds contain all the energetic power of the future plant (one of these stem cells can reconstitute the whole plant) and all the genetic information. These embryonic tissues give rise to new therapeutic indications previously unknown in the adult plant; they are mainly active in the regeneration, stimulation and drainage of the cells. The use of buds is not new: bud therapy began to be used in the middle ages and has already been mentioned in the old pharmacopoeias. (Photo: buds of Castanea sativa; Chestnut - Which we harvested and processed this spring).
Lavender bunches - december 2013

We have just harvested the first certified organic lavender of this year.
Neatly bundled and tied, these are hung upside down to dry in our processing shed.
After a drying period, we tie them with a ribbon and attach a card.

These colourful and fragrant bunches can be used  (as a gift or for yourself!) to make elegant decorations in the house, providing a wonderful perfume.

Function room - november 2013

In november were we able to host the first meeting in our new function room. The TOP (Tasmania Organic Producers)  members joined us on the farm for an inspiring afternoon. The granary has been renovated into a beautiful and neat centre with great views all around, especially to Mt Roland. The function room can seat approximately 30 people.

Fresh herbal teas, delicious home-made soup and dessert with edible flowers can be arranged for your function.
Whether it is for a meeting, conference, reunion or other occasion, ..please contact us for more information!

Fresh flowers - march 2013

In the past few weeks, many crops are flowering and ready for drying and/or further processing. This year we have been able to supply fresh flowers for culinary and decorative purposes in the food industry. Organic flowers are delicate and original and can be used to decorate various sweet and savoury dishes.

Edible flowers include Marigold, Dill, Pansies, Lavender, Nasturtium, Purple Coneflower, Purple Clover, Borage and Passionflower.

Processing shed- februari 2013

The new processing shed is in its final stages of being built and includes a herb dryer, processing- and packing area, office, bathroom and large upper floor used for drying and storing.

With harvesting at its peak, the shed provides an excellent working space to handle the different crops and times of harvesting.

Field Day 2011

Organic fieldday at barrington in tasmania was a success . A farmwalk through the contourditches was followed by talks about wholefarmplanning , watermanagement en shelterbeltdesign . All intended to increase the organic production systems viability.  Marleen Herbs is also NOP certified which entitles our products to be labeled as organic certified products for the USA market.

GMP + certification : Our company is an approved production facility for GMP+ production/development  of animal feeds and additives for livestock and other animals .This is especially important for the recognision of our herbal products used as "herbal antibiotics" in animal husbandry .  

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