Marleen Herbs of Tasmania
Organic medicinal herbs and extracts

A bit of history

Ronald and Marleenvan de Winckel have been growing herbs since 1982.
At first this was limited to about ten different species of medicinal herbs, for the production of herbal teas.
Since 1990 we mainly grow medicinal plants intended for use in phytotherapeutic- and homeopathic-preparations.

Marleen kruiden is a family-business that intends to produce as efficiently as possible with the use of specialised cultivation- and processing-machinery. The technical background of Ronald van de Winckel (Agricultural Engineering at the University of Wageningen) is certainly one of the reasons for this choice.

If necessary, we hire specialised labour and knowledge, e.g. during labour-intensive periods in the fields and for specialised analysis of products. For processing, we use a herb-drier and a laboratory for the production of plantextracts.

In 2011 we started with our Tasmanian production on a 40 hectare, mixed-farm.  

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